Rain wiper blade lineup

Length PN Length PN
Water-repellent silicon Graphite Water-repellent silicon Graphite
300mm HB30 GB30 480mm HB48 GB48
330mm HB33 GB33 500mm HB50 GB50
350mm HB35 GB35 530mm HB53 GB53
380mm HB38 GB38 550mm HB55 GB55
400mm HB40 GB40 600mm HB60 GB60
430mm HB43 GB43 650mm HB65 GB65
450mm HB45 GB45 - - -

Maching list by type of vehicles (PDF)

Vehicles publicly disclosed by September 2015 are listed.
This product is a U hook connector base.
Please use a dedicated connector for other method of mounting.

Optional multi connector

  • RC-100
    Side fastening screw
  • RC-200
    7mm width center lock
  • RC-300
    9.5mm width center screw
  • RC-400
    9.5mm width center lock